Jeris Johnson

The Eugene, Oregon musician Jeris Johnson recently signed to 300 Entertainment. His newest single with the label is called “Damn!” The song is a remix of the wildly viral TikTok song, “The Banjo Beat Pt.1” by Ricky Desktop. The track originally started as a short video Johnson posted to his TikTok, but the clip went viral and users were calling for him to transform the clip into a full track. He took the comments to heart, and he went on to release the full song on September 22nd.

When asked about making the track, Jeris explained, “Satan whispered in my ear 3 days prior to the making of damn!. He sang me the chorus melody and I approved so I whipped out my phone, opened the voice memo app, and mumbled my way through the idea. 3 days later I heard the banjo beat on tiktok and knew right away that it was the home for this hook. I wrote the rest, recorded it, threw it up on tiktok and watched thousands of comments pour in asking for the full track. I'm a man of the people so naturally, I delivered. Big thanks to the millions on tiktok who helped transform this track from viral video, to debut single.”

Formerly in the band Audio Phobia, Johnson started uploading songs in 2015 under the name Jeris. In 2019 he switched over to releasing songs under his full name. As a former metalhead, he uses his diverse pallet to bring a unique edge to the pop and rock world. By blending raw energy and grit with hooky melodies and bold emotions, Jeris is sure to leave a lasting imprint. With 568.5K followers on TikTok, it’s clear that Jeris Johnson is beginning to make a name for himself.